Cottages and holiday apartments for rent


Our holiday apartments and cottages, expect Röykkölä, are located by Lake Päijänne and they can be rented throughout the year. Nature offers an excellent view and possibilities for example for fishing, berry picking, hiking and skiing. The use of a traditional Finnish bivouac is shared between cottages and holiday apartments.

  Cottages Apartments
Cottages for rent - Kassapää
Cottages for rent - Röykkölä
Holiday apartment for rent
Punainen tupa
Apartments for accommodation, meetings and festivities
Sininen tupa
meetings and festivities     X X
accommodation X X X X
beds for
(bed places + sofa-bed places)
4+2 2+2 2+4 2+2
fireplace X X X X
baking oven     X X
kitchen stove X X X X
microwave oven X X X X
dishwasher X   X X
fridge X X X X
small freezer (combined with fridge) X   X X
coffee maker and water boiler X X X X
set of dishes X X X X
electric light and heating X X X X
drinkable water from pipe (cold and hot) X X X X
tv set X X X X
radio/cd-player X X X X
wash machine     X X
drying wardrobe X      
cleaning equipments X X X X
wc X X X X
shower X   X X
electric-heated indoor-sauna X   X X
wood-heated detached sauna building   X    
grill place X X X X
roofed grill place X      
shore X   X X
rowing boat X   X X


We have two cottages, Kassapää, and Röykkölä.

Kassapää Röykkölä


The former barn building is renovated to holiday apartments Sininen tupa and Punainen tupa
and rooms for banquets, meetings, and other occasions.

Holiday apartments by lake Päijänne- Punainen tupa and Sininen tupa Accommodation by lake Päijänne
Holiday apartments by lake Päijänne - winter Holiday apartments by lake Päijänne - winter